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Electrifying Real Estate

Infrastructure | Sustainability | Opportunity | Equity & Equality

About EV Realty Income

Investing in EV Real Estate Infrastructure for the Future...

EV Realty Income is in the business of investing in, developing, operating, and managing EV infrastructure assets throughout North America. With the vision of sustainable investing and capitalizing on the growing public EV infrastructure market, the company has strategically aligned itself with EV charging companies to develop EV real estate assets and facilitate the deployment of EV charging stations.

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The EV Charging Marketplace

An Emergent, Growing Asset Class


$  .5

Billion of Federal Funding to Develop EV Infrastructure


Predicted EV Charging Market Growth by 2030



Thousand EV Charging Stations in the US by 2030 

Target Markets

Bringing Public EV Infrastructure to All Communities

Disadvantaged Communities

Expand equity, equality, and economic opportunities for communities historically overlooked for infrastructure investment.

Major MSA's

Target major metropolitan markets across the US to deliver needed EV infrastructure to high-density, high-use areas.

Transportation Corridors

Focus on the most traversed corridors between major MSAs to facilitate travel between cities.

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