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The Company

Our Expertise

EV Realty Income understands the importance of EV real estate as an emerging asset class and is well positioned to capitalize on significant industry growth.

The EV Realty Income Advantage

Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, EV Realty Income specializes in acquiring, developing, and managing electric vehicle real estate infrastructure assets.

The company strategically targets parking assets within real estate developments that we can take control of either through long term leasehold or fee simple interests. We leverage our strategic relationships with EV charging station companies to drive competitive terms and monetize parking assets by entering into long-term fixed rate lease agreements thus providing long-term value and durable cash flow.


In the emerging market of EV charging infrastructure the utilization of public funding programs is paramount to minimizing costs and driving returns. EV Realty Income benefits from its management team's deep industry knowledge of real estate and infrastructure investing as well as their understanding of public subsidy programs make us well positioned in the marketplace to identify high quality projects. EV Realty Income's management team prudently determines appropriate investments and manages risk throughout the duration of the respective asset’s ownership as well as optimizes exit strategies to maximize returns.


Additionally, our team maintains close relationships with strategic advisors and EV industry executives which enables us to be ahead of the market in the emerging asset class of EV real estate. 

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